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Running a business means juggling a bunch of components all at once, and juggling is a hard skill to master. One thing you need as a business owner is clarity and certainty about your accounts. With RightWay, there are no surprises – you'll know exactly where you're at and how your Business Partner can give you the value you need. Together, we'll build a package that fits your needs and your budget. Do what you do best, we’ll take care of the rest.


Get professional onboarding, business needs assessment and real-time single ledger accounts to make your business run better.

  • Xero Experts
  • Real Time Reports
  • Tax Managed
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Core Accounting

Monthly GST returns, financial accounts and annual tax returns, all done by us with someone who understands
your business.

  • Regular Reporting
  • Accounting Focus
  • Strategic Planning
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Financials & More

All of your business accounting needs with an experienced accountant to help you manage your direction and
business growth.

  • Financial Management
  • Business Guidance
  • In Depth Expertise
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Get more from your package with these add-ons.

Tax Review & Planning

Guidance with what you should be thinking about and what you should be planning for the coming year.

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Forecasting & Cash Flow

By understanding where your money comes from and where it goes to, you can forecast effectively and have a better view of your business.

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Growth Planning

Set yourself up for greater growth with a proper business structure, a healthy working capital balance and by staying on top of your tax liabilities.

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Business Goals & Structure

Create the right structure to achieve your goals and ensure you don't encounter any nasty surprises.

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What it's like working with RightWay

RightWay empowers business owners to make the right decisions drawing on wide-ranging knowledge and experience to give you the right advice for whatever stage your business is at. Check out what we can do for you below.

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Every business is different, so our services are customised for you, not the other way around.

Find out how cash flow management grows your business.

Cash is the lifeblood of your business. No matter how profitable the business is on paper, without good cash flow, it’s in serious danger. Not everyone knows that. More important, even fewer business owners really understand how to keep the cash flowing.

Follow this guide to find out:

  1. How to effectively manage cash flow in your business
  2. Getting GST right
  3. Provisional tax & how to avoid penalties

Cash is King: A Practical Guide to Cash flow Management also gives you tips for getting clients to pay faster, keeping inventory under control, and managing borrowings and debt.

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